The Butler’s Allergy Journey: Allison’s Food Allergies

Allison was an extremely fussy baby. She cried ALL of the time. Since I had experience with John screaming a lot because of his cow’s milk protein allergy and I was breastfeeding again, when Allison was just two and a half weeks old, I cut out dairy. At three weeks old she had mucousy poop and at four weeks old she had blood in her diaper. At this point I had also cut out gluten, soy, and peanuts, trying to cut out any allergens I thought might be upsetting her. The doctor put her on Zantac for reflux and a few weeks later Omeprazole, but nothing was helping. She just screamed non-stop. She was eventually diagnosed with a cow’s milk protein allergy and the only thing that helped her was being put on a specialized formula. 

When we started solids we were very cautious, just as we were with John. We fed her each food at least three times before moving on to the next. While she did fine with most foods, she had two minor reactions. A rash with butternut squash (same as John) and a rash with oatmeal (much less severe than John). We were instructed by the allergist to feed her eggs around six months old to try to avoid a severe egg allergy. We fed her eggs for three days and we saw no reaction. We were thrilled! But we still wouldn’t bring eggs into the house so we had to figure out how to give her eggs a few times a week. When she started daycare and the daycare provider let us know she would be feeding her eggs once a week and other food products that contained eggs we were happy our problem was solved. Except that once she started daycare, Allison was coming home with patches of eczema all over her body. It was an in-home daycare so we thought she was possibly allergic to the dogs, or the cleaning products at the daycare. We took her for allergy testing and it turns out that Allison is allergic to EGGS! Given that her reaction has only been eczema thus far, we now needed to feed her baked egg a few times a week and avoid straight egg. It was hard for me to believe the results at first since we fed her scrambled eggs three times and never once did she show any sign of a reaction. It only goes to show you a reaction can be lurking around the corner and rear its head at any time.   

Allison grew out of the cow’s milk protein allergy by the age of one and loves her dairy products now. I’m hoping we can try some of the other foods she reacted to when she gets a little older. We are very fortunate that her food allergies are limited to only the three, especially compared to what her brother goes through on a daily basis.